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Each and every one of our supplement is meticulously researched, formulated, and approved by our research team. We only make supplements we take ourselves because we're passionate about optimizing and improving the human body. Because of this, we take zero shortcuts in every step of our manufacturing process.

Supplements led by science

Every supplement we in our line-up goes through strict and rigorous procedures to ensure potency, efficacy, and consistency, all backed by research.

Continuous Improvement

Science is always evolving and building upon itself. As such, we're constantly altering our formulations as new research, new methods, and technological advances are discovered. We're not focused on having the most products on the market. Instead, we strive for the best of the best in what we create.

Easy Absorption

Most companies neglect the importance of vitamin absorption and digestion. Often times they're only focused on the vitamin. Here at Elm & Rye, we're obsessed about digestion. We offer multiple forms of our vitamins as well as making sure our gummies and powders taste amazing while being optimized for absorption.

New Science,
Built On Ancient Roots

Our medical team sources the best nutrients from around the globe together to ensure our products are using the lowest amount of altering as possible. This means all of our supplements are pesticide free, cruelty free, low fuss manufacturing, and our whey protein is produced only with free range, pasture raised cows.


Transparent Testing

We test, test, and test again. Of our company values, testing ranks as #1. Because of this, you can find third party testing for our products available on our site. All testing takes place domestically, making sure we only release supplements that meet our Superhuman standard.

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Our supplements are created with only the purest of ingredients from a vetted supply chain.

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