7 Best Red Ginseng for Libido in 2024

7 Best Red Ginseng for Libido in 2024

I’ve experienced a decrease in libido recently and found out that many people are having a similar response in their lives. A decrease in libido can cause issues in your love life because your partner may think you no longer desire them when in all reality you do. If you’re like me and started having issues with sexual desire then you’ll want to continue reading more about my story and experience with lowered libido below. 

I’m sharing some of the causes for my lowered libido and how the best red ginseng for libido in 2024 can transform your love life. One study showed that women who took red ginseng by mouth experienced an improvement in sexual function when lack of sexual desire was caused by perimenopause. This is just one of the many ways red ginseng has helped improve the love life of woman all over the world. 

This Asian grown herb is found in Korea but is not limited to this region of the world; most of the mountains in Asia are capable of growing red ginseng. This is not to be confused with American ginseng, which will give you different outcomes. 

  1. Elm & Rye Libido 
  2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies
  3. Penguin Libido 
  4. GeoBounty Korean Panax Red Ginseng
  5. Nootamin Authentic Korean Red Panax Ginseng
  6. Naturebell Korean Red Ginseng Softgels
  7. Terry Naturally HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy

Why did my libido decrease? 

As I started to age I noticed that my sexual desire decreased, and I was concerned. My partner thought I had started to lose interest in our relationship, however, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. That’s when I started doing some research about why my libido decreased. 

I learned that a decrease in sexual desire is quite common and can happen for a wealth of reasons including, but not limited to; age, menopause, perimenopause, birth control pills, some medications, hormone fluctuations or hormone imbalance, lower physical activity levels, or insomnia. Sleep issues were a huge part of why I started feeling uninterested in sexual relations with my partner.

I was suffering from hormone imbalances that caused bouts of sleeplessness, combined with being an older woman and it just all compiled into a day when I realized that my libido decreased. That’s when I knew I had to learn more about this and find a way to offset the libido decline.

What is red ginseng for libido? 

Red ginseng is grown in the mountain ranges found throughout Asia. This perennial plant uses its root for many medicinal purposes, including increasing libido. Most of the red ginseng is cultivated in Korea but could be from other Asian countries like China. 

I took my red ginseng by mouth as a capsule supplement to help with my memory, thinking, and libido. Over the course of about eight weeks, I found red singing for libido helped with my decreased libido. Asian forms of ginseng have often proven successful with men and women who are experiencing a decrease in libido

Red ginseng comes in many forms. I’ve seen some teas that feature this herb, gummies, and other libido products that have a combination of maca root and ginseng along with ashwagandha from time to time. Each form of red ginseng will be more about your preferences to take a gummy, tea, or capsule daily. 

While this article is mostly about me sharing my experience with red ginseng for libido I have a wide variety of other libido supplements that have helped my friends and me increase that romantic connection and sexual desire in a relationship.

Whether you’re ready to start trying the options that worked for me, or are still in the research phase, I am confident that my story plus the recommendations below will truly help you find a red ginseng for your libido in 2024 so that you can ignite that fire that your relationship once had. 

Elm & Rye Libido 

Elm & Rye worked on their libido supplement for two years before mastering the proper dosage and blend of herbs to improve libido. This mix contains Siberian ginseng, maca root, and other known options that help improve libido. They have a supplement made for men and one for women. 

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

These full spectrum gummies from Everest have a blue raspberry flavor and contain 25mg of CBD plus 5mg of legal TCH per serving. With a non-GMO blend and gummies derived from USA grown hemp, this product typically helps increase libido in those suffering from high levels of stress or anxiety. 

Penguin Libido 

Penguin’s libido formula includes the typical female or male blend of herbs with a small dose of CBD. Although, you can choose a non-CBD option with Penguin’s libido gummies. 

GeoBounty Korean Panax Red Ginseng

This Korean panax red ginseng from Geobounty contains maca root and prides itself on being created in the USA. These capsules help with hormone balance and improve libido. 

Nootamin Authentic Korean Red Panax Ginseng

These vegan capsules contain a blend of ashwagandha, red ginseng, and ginkgo biloba for focus, energy, and increased libido. 

Naturebell Korean Red Ginseng Softgels

These non-GMO softgels are easier to swallow than some of the other swallow pills on my list of the best red ginseng for libido in 2024. They contain 2,250mg of ginseng per serving for maximum strength against decreased libido. 

Terry Naturally HRG80 Red Ginseng Energy

These ginseng supplements for libido in 2024 from Terry Naturally are unique from the list as they are chewable tablets. These chewable tablets are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

As you can see, there are quite a few different blends of red singing for libido in 2024. I’ve had a lot of success combining a supplement that has ginseng in it with some lifestyle changes, such as being more physically active. These changes that I’ve implemented have been quite successful in rekindling my love connection with my partner. I hope that you’ll be able to find a supplement and lifestyle adjustment that works for you, too! 

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