Best Female Libido Supplements

Best Female Libido Supplements

Are you struggling with intimacy in the bedroom? Perhaps you love your partner, but you’re having a difficult time ‘getting in the mood’ to be sensual with each other. This happens to every female from time to time, but most commonly when hormones start changing. This occurs in pre and post menopause stages, where females want to feel like they used to. 

Stress, relationship issues, and other factors play a significant toll on a female’s psyche which transfers to lower libido in females.  Whether you’re experiencing a decrease in libido due to stress, relationship squabbles or hormonal changes, these best female libido supplements will help offset those changes so you can feel like you once did. 

Best Female Libido Supplements

  1. Elm & Rye Libido 
  2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies
  3. Penguin CBD Female Libido 
  4. ELMNT Libido & Mood Gummies for Women
  5. NutriONN Boost For Her Libido Booster For Women
  6. JS Health  Libido + Formula 

Knowing which female libido supplement is best suited for your needs, will mean taking a moment to determine if your libido is decreased by hormone changes, stress, relationship issues, or other lifestyle factors that can wreak havoc on your mood. Once you have a general idea of the reason for lower libido, you can choose one of the below best female libido supplements to try this year:  

Elm & Rye Libido 

This libido supplement for females comes in capsule or gummy form making it the perfect option for females who prefer to take gummies discreetly rather than swallowing capsule daily. With ingredients like l-arginine, saw palmetto, and maca among other herbs Elm & Rye’s female libido supplement has been helping females get back in the mood for a long time.

You can’t go wrong with their budget-friendly price structure, and the ability to get your female libido supplement on auto-shipment so you never run out. 

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

Next on this list of the best female libido supplements is Everest’s Full Spectrum Gummies. These gummies harness the power of CBD for libido improvement. CBD has been known to improve mood in females, along with relaxing your nerves so that you can enjoy that intimate moment with ease. 

This company has one flavor option, a blue raspberry gummy, and is made with high-grade USA grown natural hemp. 

Penguin CBD Female Libido 

Penguins’ CBD female libido supplements are getting more popular as they blend the relaxing properties of CBD with the libido boosting properties of tongkat ali, maca, and other natural herbs. This blend is created to help females relax after a stressful day while improving the balance of hormones using herbs like maca that’s shown promise in stabilizing female’s estrogen and progesterone levels

Penguin CBD female libido supplement comes in gummy form so that you can take these daily without anyone knowing you’re using a libido supplement.  

ELMNT Libido & Mood Gummies for Women

These mood gummies for women from ELMNT is a brand that’s pretty popular in the supplement industry. With ingredients like ashwagandha, maca root, and probiotics this female libido supplement helps improve many areas of health. 

The ELMNT libido & mood gummies for women comes in chaste berry flavor, which is often described as a peppery flavor. 

NutriONN Boost For Her Libido Booster For Women

With non-GMO ingredients and natural herbs, NutriONN Boost for Her is a libido booster for females who need to liven up their intimate side of life. With natural ingredients such as maca root, horny goat weed, and tongkat ali this brand’s supplement focused on improved mood and hormonal balance. 

The capsule form, isn’t as discreet as the other gummy options on this list of the best female libido supplements, however, this option does have decent customer reviews. 

JS Health  Libido + Formula 

Last on the list of the best female libido supplements today is the JS Health’s Libido + Formula. You can get these in an auto-shipment of month to month supply or buy a one month supply online. JS health states these film coated tablets will improve sexual function and support health libido in females when used as directed. 

The tables are vegan-friendly and gluten free for those who are sensitive to certain ingredients.  

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Female Libido Supplements 

As with most supplements, there are some factors to consider before choosing the best option for your health goals. Below are the most important criteria to evaluate before you buy a libido supplement: 


The first part of reviewing the best female libido supplements available online was to evaluate the ingredients in each option. Some of the more common ingredients for libido health in female supplements are ginseng, l-arginine, and maca root. These three natural ingredients have shown promise in most studies to lower stress and improve mood so females can feel like they once felt in regards to intimacy with their partner. 

Customer Feedback 

The next important factor to consider before buying a female libido supplement is the customer feedback. Before a brand was featured on the list in this article, our writer read through a handful of reviews per product to ensure each customer was satisfied with using this supplement as a means to improve their libido. 


Efficacy refers to the ability of the product to do what the labeling states it will do to benefit your life.   Evaluating the studies and stats on ingredients included in each of the best female libido supplements will help you determine the efficacy of the supplement. In most cases, you can determine this by reading customer feedback, and scientific studies on ingredients shown to improve female libido. 

As you can see there are many options for the best female libido supplements on the market today, along with factors to consider before choosing your favorite. The best way to determine which option is the right fit for your libido improvement is to read the ingredients, customer reviews, and details about what the brand’s focus is for improved mood, libido, or stamina in the bedroom. Please keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks before you see results with most female libido supplements. 

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