Best High Protein Snacks to Keep You From Getting Hangry

In our ever-busy world filled with deadlines and takeout food, it's very easy to become hangry when you don't have a readily available source of protein. Fortunately, there are many healthy options for getting the fuel your body needs without going overboard on sugar or carbs.

You know how it feels to be hungry. You know the growl in your stomach, that mind-numbing headache, and even the feeling of faintness that comes with low blood sugar levels. Not to mention, you also know these symptoms will only get worse if they're not addressed quickly. 

Most of us have experienced the ills of low blood sugar, but did you know there is a direct correlation between your blood sugar levels and mood? For most of us, a healthy diet can help maintain our energy levels and even out mood swings. 

Eating foods that are rich in protein and have a lower glycemic index will help to give you steady energy all day long, rather than the peaks and valleys that come from eating a diet higher in simple carbohydrates.

If you're looking for a snack to tide you over till your next meal, be sure to try one of these high protein snacks. We recommend adding a few different options to your snacking rotation. Your body will thank you!

Chocolate Protein Bars with Nuts and Sea Salt

A bar like this is perfect for stashing in your bag, so you can keep the hunger at bay while on the go. The combination of fiber and protein will help prevent cravings that come with eating refined carbs or sugars, keeping your blood sugar stable all day long. 

Snacks like these can help increase your energy levels throughout the day without weighing you down or leaving you feeling bloated. This makes them great for an afternoon pick-me-up when you're flagging, but don't want to fall into a sugar crash an hour later.

It's easy to see why these are a favorite for many people. These chocolate-covered nuts and sea salt bars offer just the right amount of energy that lasts all afternoon, substituting in when you'd usually reach for a candy bar or bag of chips. If you're looking to up your protein intake, then add a few of these into your snacking rotation. You can find protein bars like this in most grocery or convenience stores today.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the perfect combination of protein and good fats to keep you feeling satisfied, while also bringing a vitamin and mineral punch to your snack time. Nuts and seeds contain high amounts of magnesium, which is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and preventing fatigue.

A handful of nuts or seeds will not only help you to stay full, but they'll bring anti-inflammatory nutrients to your snack time. These are great on their own, or even better when paired with other healthy foods like avocado, yogurt, hummus, apples, bananas, or pears.

If you're looking for a healthy snack option that's good for your waistline, then nuts and seeds are a perfect choice. You can even experiment with adding them into different recipes or cooking to get more of these nutrients in your diet each day.

Peanut Butter Banana Roll-Ups

For some people, finding high protein snacks can seem like a challenge, but this recipe takes just two ingredients to create a delicious, high protein snack that's easy to make. 

These are great for breakfast or as an afternoon treat when you're looking for something sweet - but don't want to fall into the same old sugar trap that comes with grabbing some chocolate or cookies.

These roll-ups are easy to make, taste delicious, and can be stored for up to a day in the fridge before serving. If you're looking for an idea that comes with very little prep time, then give these a try.

Sometimes it feels like the easiest snacks are also the worst options for our bodies, but that's simply not true. These snacks all come with a good amount of protein and a healthy dose of fats that will keep you full throughout the day, rather than feeling hungry an hour after eating.

High Quality Supplements

Another way to keep your hunger under control so you don't get hangry is using a protein supplement. There are so many great protein supplements on the market today, from powders to bars. These products have all been tested by consumers and come with a high protein content in a very convenient form.

Here at Elm & Rye, we have a variety of high quality supplements that will help curb hunger while keeping your body strong. These supplements are an excellent addition to a healthy diet and exercise plan to keep you from getting hangry. 

No matter how busy your schedule may be, you can still add one of these products into your daily routine. You'll feel full throughout the day, and you won't have to rely on sugary snacks or junk food to keep you going.

In fact, these products will give you a nutritional boost that can help your body stay healthy and strong, all day long. Protein supplements are a great way to get the nutrients your body needs for staying full and focused throughout the day.

Why do protein and supplements help keep me from getting hangry?

When you add protein and supplements into your daily routine, your body starts to feel full sooner. This gives you a satisfied feeling that can last for several hours.

You'll no longer have this intense need to eat every couple of hours because these products give your body the nutrients it needs throughout the day. You won't be eating sugary snacks or junk food because you'll feel satisfied and not hungry.

Protein is important for balancing blood sugar levels, which means your body can better maintain a balance between energy levels and hunger. You won't get hangry throughout the day because these products are slowly releasing nutrients into your system to keep you full.

You're also getting additional nutrients and vitamins, which will help your body function more efficiently. Introducing some of these high protein snacks and supplements to keep you from getting hangry will transform your life while keeping your hunger under control so that you're more tolerable to be around all day long. 

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