Best Tongkat Ali For Women

Best Tongkat Ali For Women

A growing number of people are recognizing the benefits of using tongkat ali to boost energy levels, improve libido and deal with other health issues. Therefore, the market is projected to be worth over $119 million by 2032. 

An estimated 43% of women or 31% of men have a sexual dysfunction. These people may want to try using tongkat ali. We have listed some of the best tongkat ali supplements below.

  1. Elm & Rye Tongkat Ali Supplements
  2. Penguin CBD Tongkat Ali
  3. Holistic Bin Sumatran Tongkat Ali
  4. Futurebiotics Longjack Tongkat
  5. Terra Elements Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis Extract
  6. Nutricost Tongkat Ali
  7. Momentous Tongkat Ali
  8. Bronson Longjack Tongkat Ali Extra Strength

Elm & Rye Tongkat Ali Supplements

Elm and Rye is a spectacular wellness supplement company that has made waves since opening its doors five years ago, so we felt it should be the first product on this list. The company is committed to sustainability, transparency, purity and quality. Forbes, Men’s Journal, Discover Media and many other publishers have highlighted the benefits of Elm and Rye’s many products. 

Elm and Rye developed a line of tongkat ali supplements, which are great for both men and women. Every serving has 450 mg of tongkat ali, which makes it one of the strongest, pure longjack products. 

This longjack tongkat ali supplement and all other Elm and Rye products are tested by independent labs for safety and purity. The lab results are available on the product page on the company website. 

Penguin CBD Tongkat Ali

CBD offers a number of promising health benefits for both men and women. Penguin is one of the top CBD companies, which has been featured in Merry Jane, Rolling Stone and Maxim. Therefore, we felt it deserved the second spot on this list. 

Penguin has a great product that is made with both CBD and tongkat ali. The product has received over 500 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. 

All Penguin products are tested by independent labs and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, women can rest assured that they are buying a quality CBD and tongkat ali product. 

Holistic Bin Sumatran Tongkat Ali

Holistic Bin has developed an entirely pure tongkat ali supplement, which works very well for both men and women. It is made with maca roots from Sumatra, Indonesia that have grown for 15 years before being harvested, which ensures maximum purity and quality, The supplement doesn’t contain any fillers, additives or preservatives.

This product is tested by third-party labs and can be used by anyone on a vegan diet. It has also received a 4.3-star rating on Amazon based on 599 customer reviews. 

Futurebiotics Longjack Tongkat

Futurebiotics is a fabulous wellness company that has produced some of the best healthcare supplements since 1984. It has an incredible longjack tongkat ali supplement, which can be great for women with a ton of health concerns, ranging from low libido to decreased energy levels. 

This supplement is stronger than most other tongkat ali products on the market. It is also compatible with a vegetarian diet and doesn’t have any GMOs.

Every serving has 48 mg of tongkat ali, but it uses a 25:1 extract ratio so it provides the same dose as 1,200 mg of many other tongkat ali products. This is overall one of the best tongkat ali supplements on the market. 

Terra Elements Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis Extract

Terra Elements is a family business founded in Munich in 2009. The company sells a number of amazing natural supplements and superfood products, including a tongkat ali supplement that is infused with Fadogia Agrestis. 

This vegan product is 4-10 times as powerful as most other bioactive compounds on the market. It is a great supplement for anyone trying to build muscle mass, increase their libido or have more energy. Although it was marketed towards men, many women have noticed great results from using it as well. It has received a 4.1-star rating on Amazon. 

Nutricost Tongkat Ali

Good tongkat ali supplements are difficult to come by. Good tongkat ali supplements that also contain tribulus terrestris and bioperine are even harder to come by. Fortunately, this supplement by Nutricost checks all of those boxes. 

Every serving has 1,000 mg of tongkat ali, 20 mg of tribulus terrestris and 20 mg of bioperine. This powerful blend of ingredients can do wonders for women with a wide range of health issues. 

This product is vegan and doesn’t contain any gluten or GMOs. It is a great option for women that want to improve their sex drive and have more energy without having to take any toxic chemicals or hormones. 

Momentous Tongkat Ali

This supplement is made with organic tongkat ali that has been harvested from Indonesia. Every serving contains 400 mg of tongkat, It doesn’t use any other supplement ingredients, which can be a good option for women that only want a pure tongkat ali supplement. 

Momentous states that this product improves hormone metabolism, reduces stress and helps support healthy libido. It is an excellent overall wellness supplement for women of all ages, but can be especially helpful for those struggling with an impaired sex drive during menopause. 

Bronson Longjack Tongkat Ali Extra Strength

Bronson has become a very popular wellness supplement company since it opened its doors back in 1960. Over the past 65 years, it has developed some of the world’s great vitamin and healthcare products. 

Broson has a stellar line of tongkat ali products, which can do wonders for women with low energy levels, impaired libidos and other health problems. 

Every serving contains 48 mg of tongkat ali. However, Bronson uses a unique extraction process that helps maximize its purity. Therefore, it has the equivalent dosage of 1,200 mg of other tongkat ali products. 

This product is tested by independent labs. It is also free of gluten, GMOs and soy. 

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