How I avoided loose skin when losing weight

How I avoided loose skin when losing weight

As I was planning my weight loss journey, I realized that I was anxious about the concept of having too much loose skin. I’ve known many influencers who have shared their weight loss journey only to find that they ended up scheduling surgery to get rid of their loose skin.

I wanted to avoid surgery for loose skin at all costs, so I ventured into the world of using collagen to improve my skin’s elasticity and hydration levels. This process helped me avoid loose skin when losing weight, however, it was not the only part of my weight loss journey that assisted in this process. Below I’m sharing my story with you along with some supplements I used, and my friends used to help with their journey to avoid loose skin when losing weight. 

  1. Elm & Rye Collagen 
  2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies
  3. Penguin CBD Collagen
  4. Ancient Nutrition Collagen Powder Protein with Probiotics
  5. Codeage Multi Collagen Protein
  6. Youtheory Collagen with Vitamin C

The first step for me was to figure out what lifestyle factors actually cause loose skin in the first place with weight loss success stories. I’ve learned that the following factors make you more susceptible to having loose skin when losing weight: 

  • Smoking
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Length of time to lose weight
  • Weight to lose & age 

After learning more about what would put me in a higher risk category for loose skin when losing weight, I opted to use the criteria I could control as a means to improve my ability to lose weight without that ugly extra skin hanging around. 

I knew I could control the length of time I lost my weight along with taking a supplement to improve my skin’s ability to bounce back to normal. During much research, I learned that collagen provides about 80% of my skin’s structure. This means collagen is what helps my skin stay firm and strong but as a person gets older, the collagen levels decrease. 

This is where some of the collagen supplements I share here today help you out. Depending on how old you are and the pace of weight loss you plan, these collagen supplements will help you as much as they helped me. The key, I believe, is to look at the ingredients list, read the reviews, and determine which product is safe to take given your current health condition and state of mind. 

Now that I had the right collagen supplement to help avoid loose skin when losing weight, and a game plan for my weight loss journey timeframe, it was time to focus on what other factors help reduce the risk of loose skin when losing weight. 

I opted to focus on muscle building as my main component for losing weight. This helped my skin remain tight while I lost the extra fat around my arms, legs, and mid-section. I learned that losing fat without muscle to replace it, leaves gaps so to speak in your skin which is why loose skin will be eminent for those who don’t focus on building muscle. 

That’s how I avoid loose skin when losing weight; use a high-quality collagen supplement, push the weight loss timeframe out, and focus on building muscle. These three factors are part of my success story in making sure my weight loss journey was an absolutely positive one from day one. 

Elm & Rye Collagen 

I love this collagen supplement from Elm & Rye to help avoid loose skin when losing weight. As noted, collagen can help improve elasticity which reduces the risk of having loose skin when I lose my weight. The recommended dose is 1 tablet daily of Elm & Rye’s hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen capsule for maximum results. 

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

I’ve also had friends who swear by full-spectrum gummies to help avoid loose skin when losing weight. These blue raspberry-flavored gummies have 25mg of CBD with 5mg of THC for maximum results. These calming gummies help improve sleep and reduce stress so you don’t feel overwhelmed during your weight loss journey. I know my friends get anxious about losing weight too quickly and having loose skin, these gummies help chill their minds out. 

Penguin CBD Collagen

With Penguin CBD Collagen I get the best of both worlds; improved elasticity and hydration from collagen along with the appetite-curbing properties of CBD. These gummies are available in a CBD or non-CBD form, but I recommend trying out the CBD so you can enjoy the addition of reduced cravings as you continue on your weight loss journey. 

Ancient Nutrition Collagen Powder Protein with Probiotics

This unflavored collagen protein with probiotics powder from Ancient Nutrition is something my friends have tried with great success. Rather than taking a gummy or capsule, this is a powder that you can add to any of your favorite drinks. My friends love that this powder is easy to take with their daily smoothie or morning cup of coffee without thinking about it. There are a few flavored options to choose from like cucumber lime or strawberry lemonade, if you prefer a flavored collagen protein powder. 

Codeage Multi Collagen Protein

I love that this Multi Collagen protein capsule supplement comes with added joint health. I know that losing weight often comes with using my joints more frequently, so the more supplemental support I can have for them beyond just collagen helps with the aging process of my joints and the ability to move them without much friction. Codeage Multi Collagen Protein capsules have grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen types I, II, III, V, and X along with joint herbal extracts to help you during your weight loss journey.

Youtheory Collagen with Vitamin C

This formula has a focus on skin, hair, and nails but the collagen has helped improve my ability to lose weight without extra loose skin. Youtheory Collagen with Vitamin C helps me improve my body’s natural aging process as I continue with my weight loss journey. The extra collagen and vitamin C improve my overall health with just six tablets per day. This is my least favorite supplement option for someone who wants to avoid loose skin when losing weight, however, I know it may be a favorite for someone else, so I included it in my list. 

As you can see, I opted to take a three-step plan to make sure I avoided loose skin when losing weight. Using the collagen supplements, muscle-building focus, and extending the length of time I devoted to my weight loss journey significantly improved my skin health and confidence. 

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