How Long Does it Take for Libido Pills to Work

How Long Does it Take for Libido Pills to Work

While you won’t find many experts explaining how these libido pills work, we have many friends who have experienced positive results from taking libido pills. These little pills are over the counter or prescription medications that offer a blend of ingredients shown to improve sexual desire in men and women. 

The most popular options for libido pills are over the counter herbal remedies that attempt to give you a little boost of desire before that intimate moment. Libido pills vary in size, shape, and ingredients. Some of the faster working pills will be found at local bars and clubs. These are meant to work nearly immediately, while others such as the ones online will take a few hours or more to work. 

What are libido pills? 

Libido pills are designed to help improve hormone balance, moods, and other factors that cause lowered libido in men and women. These pills can be purchased online, over the counter at a local pharmacy, night clubs, and some are available via prescription from your doctor. 

These pills are created with herbs or other medicinal properties that help increase your sexual desire. Each blend may be formulated to work with men or women, and you can find them in a variety of nutrition stores, online stores, and pharmacies. 

How long does it take for libido pills to work? 

Since the time that libido pills take to work will vary from person to person, we wanted to let you know that some may work rather quickly, while other over the counter libido pills will need some time to acclimate in your body. 

This occurs over a period of a few weeks of use. Typically you can take the libido pills as directed on the bottle and see consistent results within a few weeks. Other over the counter libido pills can help you feel relief within a few hours, such as those meant to curb anxiety or reduce symptoms associated with chronic stress.

At the end of the day, whether or not libido pills work quickly will matter on the blend, the person, and what is the cause of your lowered libido. It is best to choose a libido pill that helps you with the issue that caused lowered sexual desire to begin with. 

What causes lowered libido? 

There are many factors that could cause lowered libido. These factors include things like chronic stress, hormone imbalance, relationship issues, and heavy work responsibilities. It’s not easy to shut your brain off at the end of the day when the rest of your life is pulling at you to get things done. 

When you find that you’re feeling stressed out about work or other responsibilities, your sexual desire simple decreases. This could be from chronic stress causing sleep issues or just having your brain over powered with other concerns, it’s only a matter of time before your libido decreases. 

How to fix libido? 

There are many ways to fix libido, but here are some steps to take in order to fix libido when you find that you’re lacking sexual desire in your love life. 

Discuss Options with your Doctor

The first step to determine how to fix libido is to figure out what the problem is. A doctor can help you with some blood tests to see where your hormone levels are and other factors that could be playing a toll on your sexual desire. Once your doctor has run tests, and discussed options with you, it’s time to consider libido pills or other options to correct your issue with sexual desire. 

Increase Exercise

Some of the best libido pills that work over time can help increase your energy to include an exercise routine in your life. Exercising regularly can help strengthen muscles, bones, and in turn provide you with a natural libido boost. Exercise is typically safe to do with libido pills, just be sure to check with yoru doctor before doing any major strength training or cardio exercises that increase your heart rate too quickly. 

Take Mental Health Breaks

Another option we’ve seen our friends use to improve libido is to take a mental health break. These are tiny breaks from consuming social media or engaging in too many social events. The breaks are meant to help you find balance and stability amidst a chaotic lifestyle. 

Decrease Fatty and Processed Foods

Fatty foods and heavily processed foods take a toll on your mind and body. These foods can increase fat around your belly and cause your moods to fluctuate throughout the day. It’s best to remove these types of food from your diet so that you can get your weight and mind healthier. When you start to get your weight and moods balanced, the libido pills have a higher success rate in helping improve libido. 

Adjust Sleep Schedule

Next up, we highly recommend adjusting your sleep schedule. Lack of sleep can wreck havoc on your entire wellbeing. This causes libido fluctuations, mood imbalances, and causes you to stress out easier than if you were getting regular sleep. Aim for a night time routine that starts about 2 hours before bedtime. This routine will include a decrease in food, electronic device usage, and any non-natural lighting. 

Take Libido Pills

Of course, you can also take libido pills to help improve your libido. If you’re still wondering how long does it take for libido pills to work, again we invite you to read up on each option. Most libido pills can help you feel a difference within a few hours, whiles others should be taken as a dietary supplement to improve overall mood and hormone balance. 

As you can see there are plenty of ways to improve libido, and libido pills tend to work over time when taken properly. Each of the libido pill blends will impact your sexual desire differently based on your personal health and lifestyle habits. Being overweight, having hormone imbalances, or a mental health concern may cause libido pills to take a bit longer to work for you. 

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