How to create natural lubrication: scientific breakdown

How to create natural lubrication: scientific breakdown

Sometimes I have a difficult time creating natural lubrication, even though I desire my partner that lube part of my genital area isn’t working properly. I learned that more often than not, my lack of natural lubrication is due to a decrease in estrogen during menopause; however, there are other reasons that could cause this. 

Childbirth and surgical removal of the ovaries could cause you to have issues with natural lubrication as well. There are some other diseases and situations where you may have an issue with lubrication occasionally, and in those cases, you may want to find a way to create natural lubrication scientific breakdown. That’s what I’m going to share today, tips to increase your lubrication naturally. 

  1. Elm & Rye Female Libido Supplement
  2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies
  3. Penguin CBD Female Gummies
  4. Maude Libido Gummies
  5. Dame Daily Desire
  6. ELMNT Libido and Mood Gummies

When I started having issues with lubrication, I was so upset! This is a difficult thing to deal with when you’re in a pretty passionate relationship. You want to connect with your partner occasionally in the bedroom, but your body is simply not cooperating! 

There are a few options I’ve used in the past to create natural lubrication. These options include moisturizers, libido supplements, aloe vera, and food changes. Each of these natural ways to create lubrication has significantly improved my sexual relationship. 


It seems 50-70% of women experiencing vaginal dryness were able to use a combination of moisturizers with estrogen tablets to create natural lubrication. During my first bout with lubrication issues, I learned that there are external moisturizers and internal moisturizers that you can use on your vagina or vulva. The internal moisturizers will work on the inside of your vagina wall, whereas the outside ones would be placed around your vulva area to create natural lubrication.   

I didn’t mind this process, myself, but it was more inconvenient than just using libido supplements that are mostly all natural and easy to take as a daily supplement. Not to mention, having to pause a heated session to put on a moisturizer ‘down there’ was embarrassing and often messed up an otherwise intimate moment. 

Libido Supplements

One of my favorite options to create natural lubrication is to use natural libido supplements. There are many of these on the market that proved useful for me. I especially loved Elm & Rye’s libido supplement as I could get that in gummy form, thus not causing any embarrassing moments. I took their gummy daily earlier on and allowed it to work on my female hormone balance all day so that within a few weeks I had most of my natural lubricant back. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an option that I never thought of, but my female friends say it works! Basically, you use this the same way you would use an external moisturizer. You apply a small amount around the vulva and it should give a little natural lubricant so that sex can be pleasurable for your partner and you. 

Food Changes

The final method to learn how to create natural lubrication scientific breakdown is to adjust your diet. I combined this option with my libido supplement to improve my results of gaining my natural lubrication back. 

Some foods like nuts, seeds, oils, and vegetables can help improve your hormone issues. This method will only work for those, like me, who are experiencing a decline in lubrication due to menopause symptoms. 

As you can see there are plenty of ways to learn how to create natural lubrication scientific breakdown, but the one that worked for me may not work for you. I love that you’re trying to find a natural way to improve your intimate connection with your partner though. Be sure to try one of the options above and perhaps peruse the libido supplements for females below to grab a natural supplement to try out, too! 

Elm & Rye Libido
Elm & Rye’s libido supplement is my favorite one because you can get it in a raspberry flavored gummy. These gummies contain maca root which has been shown to naturally balance female hormones for improved libido. 

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

Another favorite option for natural libido supplements are these full spectrum gummies from Everest. Each serving of these gummies has 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC and the gummies are made from naturally grown USA hemp. 

Penguin CBD Female Libido 

This is my friend’s favorite brand to use when she’s feeling a little anxious about her lack of natural lubrication. Penguin’s CBD female libido gummies combine the best of two worlds; anxiety relief and libido boost. Each serving has a 10mg dose of CBD to calm your nerves while the other ingredients are the best libido boosting options for females. 

Maude Libido Gummies

These libido gummies from Maude contain some botanicals that have shown support in creating natural lubrication in women who are experiencing lowered libido from menopause. They come in an easy to hide container and look like candy so no one will know you’re taking a supplement. 

Dame Daily Desire

These strawberry mango flavored gummies are a quick way to grab a libido supplement online and get it delivered within a couple of days. I put this closer to the bottom of my list as it’s not as effective as the other options to create natural lubrication.

ELMNT Libido and Mood Gummies

Last on the list of options for libido supplements are these mood gummies. Working to improve your hormones so that you’re feeling a bit friskier, ELMNT’s libido and mood gummies are included as a final natural option to increase your lubrication. 

As you can see, I’ve shared multiple options to learn how to create natural lubrication scientific method. I used the options that have helped me, but also some that my friends say helped them reconnect with their partner after menopause. Even if you’re not experiencing menopause, you may have a decrease in lubrication from childbirth or some other random health issue, if so, then I hope that these options still help you get your lubrication back. 

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