How to Get Libido Back

How to Get Libido Back

Are you struggling with libido? Do you want to learn how to get libido back? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of men and women experience a decline in libido at some point in their lives, that’s why we wanted to share our favorite tips, tricks, and ideas to get you back into the swing of things with ease. 

Below you’ll find the best tips on how to get libido back whether you’re male or female. Each of these concepts will work for most people, however, we highly suggest you first chat with your doctor to learn more about what has caused a decline in sexual desire. 

What is libido? 

Libido is also known as sexual desire or a desire to have sexual relations with another person. This is often most heavy during the time when your body thinks it’s time to procreate, but there are other times when you may feel an influx in libido.

This is a sign that you desire someone or at least have an increase in blood flow to your sexual organs. At this time, you typically start to touch and kiss another person who you may be in a relationship with at some level, and it leads to sex.

When you have a decrease in libido, this type of intimate connection is near impossible or at a minimum, unpredictable. This can cause issues with your relationship which could lead to a divorce or break up. 

How to get libido back? 

Since a decrease in libido can be caused by many things, sometimes small changes in your life or habits can help get your libido back. Below we’re sharing our favorite examples on how to get libido back so that you can work on rectifying the situation before it’s too late. 

Manage Anxiety 

One of the main causes of libido decline is anxiety due to chronic stress, heavy work responsibilities, mental health issues, and lifestyle habits. Having anxiety is quite common these days, and it goes without saying that you should discuss your anxiety with a doctor before assuming that’s what is causing the libido issues.

Major anxiety may need more than just management with lifestyle changes, it could require prescription medication. Your doctor will know best, however, if you have minor anxiety from chronic stress in your daily life, try to minimize exposure to such stressful scenarios to manage your low level anxiety to get libido back. 

Adjust your Diet 

Another option to try to get your libido back is to adjust your diet. You should be eating more leafy green vegetables, and fresh foods. If possible, try to eat no heavily processed foods such as chips, or prepared meals in the freezer section of the grocery store.

Start eating foods that have ingredients you can pronounce, and slowly work your way towards a clean eating diet. Oftentimes, we’ve seen people transform their lives and get libido back with this one method alone. 

Increase Physical Activity

The next factor to learning how to get libido back is to increase physical activity. This is one step towards a healthier way and mood. This would be a fabulous option to manage anxiety and other mood disorders that may decrease libido too! 

Create a daily routine that is easily implemented into your current life so that you have the most success with increasing physical activity to get libido back. This option will require a gym membership or more time surfing YouTube to find free exercise routines for people with low libido. 

Improve the Quality of your Relationship 

The quality of your relationship is one of the biggest reasons why men and women alike experience a decline in sexual desire. Your libido may be slower due to stress or lack of good communication with your partner. 

It could be that you no longer spend quality time together. Make space in your life to discuss things with your partner to learn how each of you can show up better for the other to learn how to get libido back with ease. 

Focus on Foreplay 

This is probably the most fun part of sexual relationships for women. They have been shown to have an increased success rate with orgasm when foreplay is involved. Consider focusing more on foreplay with your spouse so that you can have a little fun together without the pressure of having to go all the way to intercourse.

After having a decline in libido for a while, it’s hard for us to drive right back into sexual intercourse without some anxiety. This is normal. Foreplay can help alleviate those nerves for a deeper connection. 

Get High Quality Sleep 

Another thing to consider is how much sleep you’re getting. A lowered libido can be onset by lower than optimal quality of sleep. Replace your normal bedtime routine with reduced screen time and food consumption about two hours before the time you wish to be asleep.

You could read a boring book with dim lighting before bed to increase the chances that you’ll have a successful night’s sleep and thus help get libido back. 

Maintain Healthy Weight 

Much like most of our advice above, having a healthier weight such as one that’s not listed as obese could potentially help you learn how to get libido back easily. Carrying extra weight is a lot of stress on your body, including your heart. This could be why you have a reduction in blood flow to your sexual organs. 

Many people are obese these days due to poor exercise routines, sedentary lifestyles, and over eating. This is why we suggested adjusting some of your patterns of eating and physical activity levels above. 

Try Herbal Remedies 

Last, but not least, consider trying an herbal remedy to get libido back. Things like a libido supplement that’s made with all natural ingredients will surely help balance hormones, improve mood, and in turn, help you get libido back quickly.

As you can see there are plenty of ways you can learn how to get libido back. Our advice is to start with the basics, and work up from there. Within a few weeks of trying something new in your lifestyle, whether an herbal remedy, exercise routine, or some other change, we’re confident that you’ll start to experience an increase in libido. 

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