How to Increase Female Libido After 60

How to Increase Female Libido After 60

There comes a time in a female’s life when she starts feeling less than frisky. That time is usually after the age of 40 as your hormones slowly decline and change. Pre menopause and post menopause are situations where females often find that their sexual desire starts slipping. 

Once you’ve reached age 60, you’re probably on the post menopause side of the equation and ready to figure out how to increase female libido after 60. Today we’ll discuss this topic in detail and share some ways to increase female libido after 60. 

What is libido? 

Libido is a sexual desire for someone that often comes on when you’re near someone you find attractive. This could also occur with a touch or eye contact. It really just depends on what helps you get in the mood for sex.

While libido is a sexual desire, it doesn’t have to lead to intercourse. It could simply be that you find yourself physically attracted to another person and want to be held tight and touch with them. This desire is a hormonal reaction in most cases, which is why it sometimes goes away after 60 in females. 

You’re now in the later years of life, already having had children or passing the age of reproductive whims, so your body starts to slow down the creation of sexual hormones. The natural process of the sexual hormones is to help you create babies. If you’re well beyond your 60s, chances you that you’re not planning to have children. That’s partially why you experience a decrease in libido after 60. 

What causes lowered libido in females after 60?

The cause for most lowered libido in females after 60 is that decline of estrogen in the blood that they experience between ages 40 to 50 years. That fall of sexual hormones; testosterone and estrogen, during the pre and post menopause season is the culprit for these lowered sexual desires. 

While this can suck, there are other reasons that cause a female after age 60 to feel a decline in libido. Those could be stress, depression, anxiety, or other mild health concerns. Having a dry vagina can also cause issues with a female wanting to have sex with their partner. 

Whatever the cause is for your decrease in female libido after 60, we’re confident that our options in this article can help you improve that feeling of desire so that you’re enjoying intimate connections with your partner again soon. 

How to increase female libido after 60? 

Now that you know more about what could cause the lower female libido after 60, we want to provide you with a few solutions that can help you feel better, more connected, and spunky in the bedroom with your lover. 

Each of these solutions on how to increase female libido after 60 may work for you or a friend, but please read through each of our ideas before committing to one concept.  It can take you a few weeks before you start experiencing any change in libido. 

Talk to Your Doctor 

The first step to increase female libido after 60 is to talk to your doctor so that you can determine the cause to your lower libido. Your doctor can run tests to determine where your hormone levels are and in turn, start sharing more ideas on how to increase female libido after 60. 

Much like our tips here, you don’t have to with the first thing that your doctor recommends. Be sure to have an open discussion on what you’re willing to try and not willing to try. This is your health and libido, it matters that you’re doing something that is comfortable for your lifestyle. 

Try Something New 

Another way to get things going again is to try something new in the bedroom. Maybe you’re simply tired of doing things the way you’ve always done them. Buy some books or videos to help you learn new ways to connect with your partner now that you’re in your 60s. 

This could be learning new sexual positions, new massage options, and so forth as you continue to navigate this new way of being sensual after your 60s season. 

Consider Lubricants

We’ve had many friends use lubricants to decrease that friction when you’re experiencing dryness of the vaginal region. This helps you keep things wet during a time when you’re usually experiencing some dryness or itchiness. 

There are many lubricants on the market that can help with dry or itchy genitals, so try to do some research on which options will make the most sense for your situation. 

Try Sex Therapy 

Some couples try sex therapy when they find other options aren’t helpful. You see, getting older means you’re experiencing a new part of life, it can be tricky to navigate. That’s why sex therapists often see couples in their older years.

They work to determine the problem, encourage communication and openness between partners, and help you talk through those challenges that you experience when you have a decrease in libido after 60. 

Use Supplements 

The final option that we have seen people use when they’re wondering how to increase female libido after 60 is supplements. You can find a variety of herbal supplements online that offer a blend shown to improve libido, balance hormones and moods, and just simply put; help better female health. 

You’re going to love the variety of supplements you can get to increase female libido after 60. Try to watch for options that have mostly natural ingredients, and be sure to chat with your doctor if you’re already taking medications. Some herbal remedies can have negative interactions with prescription medications. 

As you can see, learning how to increase female libido after 60 could be at challenging experience for most couples. This time of life is hard enough without having to worry about feeling attractive or ready for sex with your partner. Consider using some of the options we shared above so that you can start feeling better in the bedroom soon.

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