How to Increase Libido During Pregnancy

How to Increase Libido During Pregnancy

You may have heard that women’s libido increases during pregnancy, and now you’re here wondering why this isn’t true for you. You’re pregnant, you love your partner, and you want to indulge in intimacy but you simply don’t crave sex during pregnancy like you once did. 

While some people do experience the best sex of their life during pregnancy, others like you are having a difficult time. While this makes you sad, and feels awful most days, it doesn’t have to be this way. Today we’re going to show you how to increase libido during pregnancy so you can feel reconnected with your partner during this beautiful time. 

Some couples have found success in scheduling a babymoon for increased libido during pregnancy, others have found taking extra naps, or communicating with their partner have helped them find intimacy again during this beautiful season of their relationship.  What will work for you and your partner obviously will vary from couple to couple, but we do hope our ideas on how to increase libido during pregnancy encourages you to reconnect soon. 

What causes lower libido in pregnancy? 

During each trimester of pregnancy you may experience new emotions. That first trimester is typically a time when you feel exhausted. Not only does a state of exhaustion hit you, but hormones are fluctuating during this time as well.

The roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, can make it difficult to feel attractive and desire sex. More often than not you’ll probably want to sleep during the first trimester as your body adjusts to having a new experience to cope with. 

During the second trimester you should start to feel a bit better, have some energy, and feel like your hormones have leveled off, this may cause you to have a small increase of libido during this term of the pregnancy. 

After this, comes the third trimester where you start to feel tired again, and may have more hormone fluctuations. Not only that, but the third trimester is when your belly is at its largest thus causing you to feel uncomfortable during sex or most any intimate occasions. 

The whole pregnancy can cause you to have lower libido due to hormone fluctuations, weight gain, and mood swings. This can be difficult to cope with, especially if you’re moods are shifting more frequently than normal. This also causes lower libido because you start to feel less than pretty during the various trimester stages. 

How to Increase Libido During Pregnancy 

There are a few ways to increase libido during pregnancy, and we have them listed below. Everything from buying new lingerie to getting frisky trying something new and maybe even scheduling a babymoon will have you prepared to try to get that libido swinging again. 

Buy New Lingerie

One way to start feeling sexy again is to buy some lingerie that’s made for pregnant women. There are many options online for maternity wear that feature sexy lingerie for that belly of yours. This is a time to cherish the beautiful body you have that’s carrying another life.  Having sexy lingerie to help you feel beautiful again may just do the trick to increase libido during pregnancy. 

Schedule a Sensual Pregnancy Photo Session 

Next up, you could always consider scheduling a sensual pregnancy photo session. There are plenty of photographers that specialize in making women of all shapes look and feel sexy again. Look up photographers in your area to see if any of them can help with a sensual pregnancy photo session alone or with your partner to increase that feeling of being attractive again. 

Schedule a Babymoon vacation 

Many couples find themselves stressed out about an impending baby’s arrival. They find that they need to have a little babymoon vacation to get some one on one time before their bundle of joy arrives. Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular and are similar to honeymoons, except this is going to happen before the baby arrives. You can feel reconnected during this mini vacation together somewhere special or just downtown at a local bed and breakfast to feel spoiled for a weekend. 

Talk with your Partner

Never underestimate the power of communication! Consider talking with your partner about how you feel and what’s going on. You may find that your partner is feeling similar and wants to whatever he can to help you overcome this decline in libido. Schedule a meeting with your partner on a lower stress day so you both can be open to discussing ideas to increase intimacy between you both during pregnancy. 

Dim the Lights 

Another option is to start having sexual moments with each other without the lights on. This may sound super simple, but believe us, it has helped many couples increase libido during pregnancy. You may feel bloated and ugly due to the extra weight you’re carrying during pregnancy. Why not dim the lights and have some sensual touches, maybe give your partner a massage, and see where it leads. 

Take Extra Naps

You are going to be exhausted and more tired than normal after regular tasks during pregnancy. This is quite common among most pregnant women, however, the lower libido is often caused by this situation of exhaustion. Why not consider taking some extra naps. This would help you achieve success in feeling more level headed, and couple help you get a little bit of that intimacy back in the relationship. 

Take Libido Supplements 

Another way couples have worked to increase libido during their pregnancy is to try libido supplements. There are many supplements on the internet and at local pharmacies that you can purchase over the counter. These typically include herbal ingredients and may take a few weeks to work. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can learn how to increase libido during pregnancy. Using our tips above, please take a moment to try at least two of our ideas to see if they help you reconnect with your lover once again during this beautiful moment in your relationship. 

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