How to Increase my Libido as a Man

How to Increase my Libido as a Man

Libido is often referred to as “sex drive” which is essentially this desire to want to have an intimate connection with another person for the end reward. The end reward is often an orgasm, but what happens when you no longer crave that intimate reward with your loving partner?

Well, you end up with issues in the relationship. Your partner may feel less than valued, and they may start to show signs of insecurity. Not to mention, you may start getting upset because you’re a man who can no longer experience that strong libido you once had as a young man. 

If you’re a man who is dealing with low libido, and want a few ideas on how to increase my libido as a man, then please continue reading where we will share the best ways to increase libido today. 

What is libido?

Libido is a sexual desire for someone that comes naturally when you look, smell, or touch a person. While there is another option of libido where you feel so close to a partner that libido happens naturally just by being in that person’s presence. 

Either option of libido causes need to have a healthy blood flow to the penis in order to get an erection. This is quite often why men experience a lower libido, they have something causing a problem with erection that makes them feel more anxious, stress, or depressed about their condition.

While libido is a natural occurrence meant to help us procreate by creating a natural desire to have sex, there are times when this natural process stops working properly. 

What causes lower libido in a man?

Since libido stems from a system of biological hormones that are far too complex for us to explain here today, we wanted to share some of the main causes that men seem to experience that cause lower libido in a man: 

  • Hormone fluctuations; such as low reproductive hormones in older men.
  • Chronic stress from life, work, or relationships.
  • Some medical issues like obesity or cardiovascular disease. 
  • Depression or anxiety.

Of course the above options are just a few reasons why you may be wondering how to increase my libido as a man. The causes of lower libido in a man vary from person to person, since each of our lives, habits, genetics, and so forth are varied. 

The problem with defining low libido in a man is that it could simply be that you have a lower sex drive than your partner, and it’s causing an issue in the relationship. If that’s the case, then you’ll surely enjoy taking a little libido enhancing supplement to improve that desire with your beloved partner. 

How to Increase my Libido as a Man?

Now that you know a bit more about what the culprit could be with your lowered libido, let’s chat more about the ways you can work towards increasing this libido.   Since there are many causes to lowered libido in men, the solutions will vary from person to person. 

The below recommendations are meant to provide you with some options to try before giving up and believing that you have to live this way forever. 

Visit Your Doctor 

The first step towards getting your libido back to a normal state is to visit your doctor. Your doctor can best advise you as to what’s going on, if hormone levels are low, and what some options are either over the counter or prescription based. 

Get More Exercise 

If all is clear with hormones, and your doctor doesn’t require any medications from them, then you can move forward in trying some other ways to increase libido as a man. Consider getting more exercise by grabbing a gym membership or watching free YouTube videos for strength training exercises at home. 

Practice Reducing Stress 

Next, you should work on reducing your stressors. Any sort of chronic stress can play a toll on the ability to have and maintain an erection. This includes stress that may not be removed, but you could reduce it. Things like creating a destressing routine when you get home from work could help you improve libido plus boost the positive connection with your partner. 

Adjust Your Diet 

Often times diet plays a role in lowered libido in men. This could be from heavily processed foods causing obesity or just lack of nutrients from food sources. Consider adjusting your diet to include more fresh foods like local produce and meats with fewer heavily processed foods to see if this helps improve libido as a man. 

Get Better Sleep 

Another problem with low libido is not having enough sleep. Much like creating a destressing routine when you get home from work, consider creating a new stricter bedtime routine. This will involve removing snacking habits two hours before bedtime, and reducing the amount of screen time on electronics about an hour before bed.  

Consider Libido Supplements

Lastly, you could take libido supplements. These are over the counter options that come in natural herbal blends to help reduce stress, improve blood flow, or just increase libido using a wide range of ancient herbs. Some libido supplements contain ingredients that help with balancing hormones, while others simply work to improve other symptoms of lowered libido like poor blood flow.

As you can see, there are many causes for a lowered libido in men from stress to diet to lifestyle and medical reasons. The complexity of what can cause lowered libido in men, make it something worth discussing with your doctor before trying any major changes. 

Most of the basic reasons that cause a lowered libido can be changed with strict routine adjustments, a bit of discipline, and a support system that guides you forward on the difficult days. 

While we don’t know for sure what’s causing your lowered libido, we can say the above recommendations on how to increase my libido as a man do provide you with ample options to discuss with a doctor and try before getting completely discouraged and proclaiming a sex-free life. 

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