How to increase my wife's libido

How to increase my wife's libido

One of the hardest parts about being married for many years is realizing that age, hormones, stress, and other factors will start to wear and tear on your intimate connection with your wife. Just take my story, for example, I was married for 40+ years when all of a sudden my wife’s libido plummeted. 

We had a healthy sex life before this, a good connection, and seemed to have high-quality communication in our marriage, but here I was trying to figure out why my wife didn’t want me anymore. The fact is that my wife did want me! She loved our connection, but her libido was just not playing along. That’s when I realized that maybe it was something else going on with her. 

  1. Elm & Rye Libido Supplements 
  2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies
  3. Penguin CBD Female Libido 
  4. Maude Libido Gummies
  5. Dame Daily Desire
  6. ELMNT Libido and Mood Gummies

Once my wife and I discussed how her libido was impacting our marriage, we quickly got a doctor’s appointment. This is where I first started to learn how to increase my wife’s libido. While the doctor said her hormones fluctuate, she didn’t need any human growth hormones at this time. 

He suggested we use some over the counter libido supplements, like the ones I’m sharing with you in this article. He also gave us some ideas on what to try, and here are some of the simple ways I improved my wife’s libido without prescription medications: 

Breakfast in Bed

I know this sounds cliché, but stay with me here! I started to do a surprise breakfast in bed routine at least once a month. This helped improve our already deep connection and made my wife feel special. This also gave us an excuse to snuggle in bed a bit longer than normal, thus creating an exciting new change in routine which helped me increase my wife’s libido. 

Added Herbal Remedies

I learned about herbs that I could put in our meals to help improve libido alongside using supplements as noted below. Some herbs and vitamins that improve female libido are ginkgo, capsaicin, and saw palmetto. 

Increased Fruit Intake

I started making lists of what to get at the grocery store to improve my wife’s libido using fruit. Figs and bananas are full of nutrients that help improve libido all the while having a slight aphrodisiac property that my wife responded well to. 

Weekly Date Nights 

We scheduled a weekly date night at home or out on the town. These dates would be anything from a picnic in the backyard, to watching stars from our porch to going to the local diner or movie theater. Each week I would surprise my wife with something new to increase my wife’s libido using the element of spontaneity and surprise. 

These are just some of the ways I worked hard to increase my wife’s libido so that we could enjoy our once very active sex life again. It took some time, I think it was about 6 months before we both were feeling more comfortable in our skin like we did in our youth for sexual encounters, but those 6 months of changes were worth every learning curve. 

What does it take to increase my wife’s libido? 

Well, the biggest takeaway I learned from trying to increase my wife’s libido was that I needed to listen to what her needs were, and what was missing for her, and be open to adjusting how I approached our relationship so that she felt more loved, needed, and appreciated. I used the above shared experiences to help improve our connection and reignite a passion as we’d never had before. 

One of the steps to increase your wife’s libido may include libido supplements like the ones featured here today. I am not sure which ones you will enjoy or your wife will respond to, but these are the top options that we tried, liked, and saw results with: 

Elm & Rye Libido 

Elm & Rye Libido supplements come in a raspberry flavor that my wife loved. They have maca, l-arginine, and saw palmetto in their ingredients list which works as a natural aphrodisiac.   

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

These full spectrum gummies are non-GMO with a 25mg dose of CBD with a 5mg dose of HC per gummy. These are derived from naturally grown USA Hemp and help promote relaxation and sleep when my wife’s world gets a little stressful. 

Penguin CBD Female Libido 

These libido gummies from Penguin worked well for my wife in the beginning when her stress levels were so high that she just couldn’t find her desire in the bedroom anymore. The low dose of 10mg of CBD per gummy along with libido boosting herbs helped ignite our love life again. 

Maude Libido Gummies

I’ve heard from friends who loved these Maude Libido Gummies. They have a mix of botanicals and other libido-inducing herbs that helped my friends reconnect with their wives when low libido arrived in their long-term marriage. 

Dame Daily Desire

Dame Daily Desire is a quick and easy option for those who want to shop on Amazon. They have a strawberry mango flavor that my wife didn’t much care for, but friends swear these work quite well to help reduce anxiety and improve connection in the bedroom. 

ELMNT Libido and Mood Gummies

These libido and mood improvement gummies just had to be included in my options for how to increase my wife’s libido because we tried these out one time. They have a delightful flavor and the inclusion of maca root to balance hormones was very helpful with my wife’s changing hormones. 

I hope you enjoyed my story about how I increased my wife’s libido and learned a few ideas that you can use with your wife this year. If your wife is having a lower than normal desire, please don’t take it personally just use my tips and open communication to learn more about what’s going on so that you can work together to improve this situation. 

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