How to make a woman orgasm: A scientific approach

How to make a woman orgasm: A scientific approach

When it comes to making a woman orgasm a scientific approach there are many factors. I’ve learned that a woman’s orgasm is more about an emotional connection than it is about a bodily response. While men can orgasm pretty simply, women need a deeper connection or bond with their partner.

Foreplay, kindness, intellectual conversations, and specific methods are something I’ve learned play a significant role in helping a woman orgasm. Today I’m going to share my experiences on how to make a woman orgasm a scientific approach so that you can enjoy frequent orgasms with your lover in the near future. 

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One of the factors I found rather helpful when trying to make a woman orgasm was gifting her libido supplements for women. These supplements featured here today are a natural blend of vitamins and minerals that have been helpful to the woman in my life. More on these supplements later, let’s first discuss the various steps I took to help my partner orgasm. 

What are orgasms?

An orgasm is a response that happens to sexual stimulation. This could be touching nipples, playing with the vagina, or some type of other intimate stimulation. I’ve found that every woman response differently to unique stimulations, but the general gist of what an orgasm is; it is a response to some form of sexual stimulation that gets you deep into an ecstasy type of moment. 

How to make a woman orgasm: a scientific approach? 

There are a few tried and true methods that I’ve used to make a woman orgasm and most have some sort of scientific backup for why they work with woman. Here are  my favorite ways to try to make a woman orgasm: 


The first step towards making a woman orgasm is to learn more about what makes her tick. Try to have an open dialogue with your lover. Ask them what they need, and how you can show up for them in the bedroom. You may be surprised to learn more about how her body works, and what turns her on. 

Easing her Mind

The hardest learning curve for me when it came to how to make a woman orgasm a scientific approach was when I learned more about how a woman needs to have a calm mind to orgasm. They will be running 10 tasks lists at once in their head, even when you’re trying to get intimate together. This is why I found easing her mind was a major part of foreplay with my partner. It helped her get to orgasm almost every time. 

Stimulating her Mind

Since most women are stimulated through mental and relational experiences, it’s imperative that I learned to stimulate my woman’s mind using my voice, and other factors I learned through our communication together. I was able to whisper words into her ear to turn her on, thus allowing us to be more connected for a higher percent chance of intercourse resulting in orgasm. 

Longer Foreplay 

Be sure to stimulate your woman in other ways before intercourse. This is known as foreplay. I know this seems like a lot of work, but if you love your partner? These steps make it worth it. She will be so pleased that you two will feel a deeper bond when you take your time and work her body and mind in a way that promotes stronger orgasms every time. 

Whispering and Other Forms of Sensation 

As I said earlier, whispering in my partner’s ear drives her crazy! She gets stimulated rather quickly when I whisper naughty and romantic things into her ears. You can gentle massage and touch your partner’s body, too! This will truly help her reach orgasm nearly every time you have intercourse, too! 

As you can see there are many ways to make a woman orgasm. I hope that these options help provide you with a method that encourages you and your lover to reignite the passion this year. And if you’re still struggling you can try any of the libido supplements below to ease anxiety, calm the mind, and support hormonal balance in women. 

Elm & Rye Female Libido Supplement

Elm & Rye spent two years researching and developing the best libido supplement for women. This supplement is available in both gummy and capsule form so that you can choose which option is best for your lover.  The gummies are raspberry flavor, which is a total bonus, in my opinion. 

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

These full spectrum gummies are an excellent option for couples who want to try to use CBD and THC for maximum relaxation and connection. With 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC in each serving, these will be a fun aphrodisiac for couples to enjoy when looking to make a woman orgasm. 

Penguin CBD Female Libido Supplements

These CBD female libido supplements from Penguin are the best option for someone who wants to use CBD to calm a woman’s mind, while enjoying the herbal benefits of hormone and mood balancing of maca. These gummies have the best herbs for improved female libido. 

Vitalux Female Libido Booster

This mood balancing supplement from Vitalux is available on Amazon and says it helps with mood balancing. This is great for women who are overly stressed out but want to experience an orgasm with their lover. These are made in the USA. 

Happy Healthy Hippie Organic Maca Root Capsules

These maca root capsules are a good option for libido supplement if you want to balance female hormones. With most women, their libido declines as the age because menopause is a time when estrogen declines. These maca root capsules will help your woman orgasm more often once their hormones level out. 

Lovella Hornygoatweed Women

Last on my list of recommendations are these horny goat weed supplements from Lovella. Many woman experienced deeper, stronger, and more frequent orgasms when they used this supplement that is available on Amazon. 

While I don’t know your story, I do know most woman experience an orgasm using any combination of the tips I shared here today. I hope that you will use this article as your resource for fulfilling your partner’s orgasm with very sexual encounter you have. 

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