How to Use Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss: Scientific Breakdown

How to Use Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss: Scientific Breakdown

On the surface, losing weight seems easy. You spend more time being physically active and then you eat less calories by eating healthier foods. While the math behind losing weight isn’t complex at all, a successful weight loss journey doesn’t come with road bumps.

Eating a healthy diet (and sticking to it!) is tough for most people trying to lose weight To eat right, you have to find time to go to the grocery store, meal prep, and then properly portion everything. This alone can take hours!

If you have a busy schedule or if you’re always on-the-go, sticking to a low-calorie diet can be impossible. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for junk food or calorie-laden fast food. The best option is to use meal replacement shakes. They provide nutrition without any preparation and keep you on track to meeting your weight loss goals.

Below you’ll find a guide to everything you need to know about meal replacement shakes and how they can be great tools in helping you shed unwanted pounds. We’ve even researched the best meal replacement shakes to help you lose weight.

  1. Elm & Rye Protein Powder
  2. Penguin CBD Protein Powder
  3. Ka'chava All-In-One Nutrition Shake
  4. 1st Phorm Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder
  5. Huel Ready-to-Drink

Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

Meal replacement shakes are designed to provide the nutrition of a full meal. They usually provide 200-400 calories along with protein, fiber, and a blend of nutrients. Whether you’re traveling, working, or at the gym, a meal replacement shake is a convenient way to get the calories you need while sticking to your dietary goals.

Wondering if these on-the-go meals can really help you lose weight? Here's why meal replacement shakes are great to use throughout your weight loss journey.

It’s Much Easier to Stick to Your Diet

When you’re away from home and hungry, the temptation of eating unhealthy food may be louder than your growling stomach. It’s extremely convenient to stop at your favorite fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. But processed foods can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Most of these foods are loaded with refined carbohydrates, salt, sugar, and all sorts of artificial ingredients. What's even worse is that these foods often lead to overeating because they activate pleasure centers in the brain.

If you’re too busy to meal prep everyday, meal replacement shakes are a significantly better option. Unlike fast food, they're nutritious and designed to keep you full.

Meal Replacement Shakes Are Packed With Vitamins and Minerals

Meal replacement shakes go beyond calories. They also offer a broad spectrum of nutrients. When you're cutting calories to lose weight, it can be hard to get all of the nutrients your body needs from diet alone.

Meal replacement shakes are fortified with key vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. Adding one of these shakes as one of your daily meals lowers the risk of any type of nutrient deficiency.

Some Shakes Are High in Protein

There are many meal replacement shakes that are high in protein. Protein is the most important macronutrient for losing weight. Increasing daily protein intake increases satiety. Being fuller for longer naturally lowers the number of calories you eat.

A high protein diet can also reduce cravings and late night snacking. Other benefits of adding more protein to your diet include reduced body fat and increased lean body mass. More lean body mass means a faster metabolism that burns more calories, even when you aren’t working out.

You May Lose Weight Faster

Lowering your calorie intake is a key part of losing weight. However, switching to a low-calorie diet and sticking to it for the long-run can be hard. This is especially true if you often feel hungry or simply not satiated.

Drinking a meal replacement shake may help you feel fuller for longer while still keeping your calorie consumption low. Studies have even found that replacing up to two meals a day with a meal replacement shake may support faster weight loss.

Best Replacement Shakes to Help You Slim Down

Now that you know all of the amazing benefits that meal replacement shakes offer, here’s a list of the top five products that we recommend to help you lose weight and keep hunger at bay.

1. Elm & Rye Protein Powder

Protein and weight loss go hand-in-hand. Elm & Rye Collagen Protein Powder is one of the healthiest protein supplements on the market. The award-winning formula contains collagen, turmeric, BCAAs, ashwagandha, and a mushroom complex to decrease fat and increase muscle mass. Choose from amazing flavors like peanut butter banana, chocolate, and graham cracker.

2. Penguin CBD Protein Powder

Stress can quickly derail your weight loss goals. Stay on track with Penguin CBD Protein Powder. This supplement is made with pea protein along with turmeric, collagen, ashwagandha, and a mushroom complex. This protein powder comes in many delicious flavors, like peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate.

3. Ka'chava All-In-One Nutrition Shake

With more than 85 nutrients, superfoods, and plant-based ingredients, Ka'chava All-In-One Nutrition Shake is definitely a great option for healthy eating on-the-go. It's loaded with organic ingredients that fuel your mind and body while also keeping you full until your next meal. This shake comes in all sorts of flavors, including chai, coconut acai, chocolate, and matcha.

4. 1st Phorm Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder

1st Phorm Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein Powder is packed with a high quality whey protein blend and BCAAs to support muscle repair, muscle growth, and fat loss. Choose from fun flavors like red velvet cake, blueberry muffin, and ice cream sandwich. It's the healthiest dessert you'll ever eat! 

5. Huel Ready-to-Drink

Huel Ready-to-Drink provides all of the good stuff your body needs to thrive. It’s loaded with 22g of protein per bottle along with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and even phytonutrients. This meal replacement shake comes in all sorts of amazing flavors, including vanilla, cinnamon roll, chocolate, and salted caramel.

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