What Hormone Causes Low Libido in Females

What Hormone Causes Low Libido in Females

There are many hormones that work together to create the female’s sexual desire known as libido. Estrogen is the main sexual hormone that can decrease with age and cause a female to have a decline in libido.

This decline in libido will often occur during the menopause season, and causes chaos to the female mind along with body image changes. You may find that you are getting extra belly fat, and flappy arms. Both of these are the side effects of low estrogen levels.

What is low libido? 

Low libido is a decline in sexual desire. During this time you will experience a lack of desire for intimate connections with your partner. This may cause stress in the relationship and perhaps cause your partner to think that they’re no longer valuable to you.

This is far from the truth, it’s not about your partner at all. Low libido is brought on by many factors, including chronic stress, chronic illness, menopause, perimenopause, and other health conditions that mess with the female mind or hormones. 

The issue with low libido is that females can feel tremendously sad about losing that libido and think that they now have to change their marriage or relationship up because it’s the other person. The reality is that this has little to do with the person you’re married to, in most cases. 

As the female body ages, so too does the hormones in your body that were there to help keep you flowing as a female to produce more babies, and remain feminine. Throughout the various stages in life as you get older and have new experiences, the hormones in your body will fluctuate.

This fluctuation can cause low libido in females and often has the most impact when you’ve reached the age of 50 or older. 

What hormone causes low libido in female? 

Estrogen is the hormone that helps with sexual desire alongside a bit of testosterone in the female body. This hormone is what promotes the development of female body characteristics. Sometimes menopausal females will take an oral supplement prescribed by their doctor to maintain proper levels of estrogen during menopause. 

During menopause your estrogen levels will drop thus causing you to be less interested in sex. This also leads to vaginal dryness which can cause females to feel less desirable. You will not enjoy sexual intercourse if you’re experiencing dryness, as it will chafe and cause harm to both you and yur partner. 

There are many ways to overcome this drop in libido in females when this hormone drops, but we don’t know which option will help you. Each body is slightly different, and you may have different symptoms of lower estrogen causing low libido in females. 

However, we did want to share some ideas on how you can work through this time in your life with ideas that have helped our friends. See a list of options below to help you overcome the symptoms of declining estrogen in the female body. 

Talk to Your Doctor 

The thing to do right away when you think that your hormones are causing lowered libido is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Get into the appointment and have your doctor run blood tests to see where your hormone levels are. 

They will the know which direction to lead you for improved libido. While you may not be interested in prescription medication options, you can have other options available to you once you know more about where your hormones stand right now. 

Try Something New 

While you cannot change your hormones right away, you could try something new with your partner to get the adrenaline rushing from excitement of the unknown.  Consider looking into new activities, sexual positions, and foreplay ideas that could ignite a little spark in the bedroom. 

Consider Lubricants

Lubricants can help you with dry vagina that occurs from low estrogen levels. There are many different lubricants and lotions on the market to buy. Some of these are used externally whereas others can be used internally.

Just be sure to read the labels and learn which one may be best suited for your libido issues. Once you pick one, you can start using it with your partner so that you can enjoy sexual intercourse again, even if you’re not having high sexual desires. 

Try Sex Therapy 

Another option that many couples have tried during this season in life is to go see a sex therapist. These are therapists who specialize in low libido problems and other sexual dysfunction symptoms that couples experience. 

You can try this alone or with your partner to try to work through the kinks that females experience when they experience this decline in estrogen during menopause. 

Start Exercising 

Many females have found that exercising helps them maintain better libido levels during a time when their estrogen is decline. A short daily walk or something to do with cardio is an excellent starting point for anyone who is in this season of life when their sexual desire decrease. 

Not only does this help you feel more vibrant, but it can help with weight loss as females often gain extra fat around the belly and arms as they experience a decline in estrogen. 

Use Supplements 

Our final suggestion is to use supplements like a libido enhancers or herbal remedy that’s shown to help with mood balance and hormone issues. There are a wide variety of herbs that have been used since ancient times to help females when their estrogen starts to decline. 

If part of your issue is being overweight, then you could take slimming gummies to try to shed extra fat while you’re increasing daily exercise, too! 

As you can see, we have plenty of ideas to help you get over the fact that your estrogen is causing low libido in females. While this may not balance the hormones out, you can feel better about yourself when you start exercising, taking herbal supplements, and implementing new strategies in your love life to feel connected. 

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