What is the best electrolyte drink

What is the best electrolyte drink

I have been enjoying electrolyte drinks to help replenish my body after a long workout, but someone recently asked me, “What is the best electrolyte drink” and I had to think long and hard about this question.

You see, I’ve had electrolyte gummies, homemade electrolyte drinks, and powdered electrolyte drinks purchased online. Each option carried a different flavor such as lemon, watermelon, grape, and even grapefruit, but which was the best electrolyte drink overall? 

I wasn’t quite sure. That is until I sat down to answer this question in detail. I think I have to go back to the beginning to tell you about my journey with electrolyte drinks so that you can learn more about what I feel is the best electrolyte drink and why. 

  1. Elm & Rye Electrolyte
  2. My Adventures to Life Watermelon Candy Electrolytes Powder  
  3. LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes
  4. Santa Cruz Paleo Real Salt Electrolytes Powder
  5. Zeal Naturals Electrolyte Powder Recovery Drink

I started taking electrolytes to improve my heart rhythm, brain function, and muscle contractions. This helps when you’re an advice gym goer like me. I lift heavy weights and do intense cardio that runs longer than one hour. This means that my electrolytes are often lost through sweat and need the best electrolyte drink to replenish my mineral reserves and hydrate my entire body. 

Electrolytes are what help keep your entire system functioning properly, so regardless of what is the best electrolyte drink, it’s imperative that you only use this supplement when needed. Most people consume electrolyte drinks after hefty workouts, during cold & flu season, or during a time when their doctor instructs them to drink electrolytes. 

How do determine what is the best electrolyte drink?

During the process of answering the question about what electrolyte drink is the best, I had to evaluate a few factors; quality of the product, flavor of the product, ability to hydrate, and ease of use in no particular order. 

I knew that choosing the best electrolyte drink would mean that the drink should replenish the minerals with ease, have a tolerable flavor, be easy to consume such as quickly dissolves in liquid, and works as it’s supposed to. 

I feel that the best electrolyte drink is Elm & Rye’s electrolyte supplement because their lemon flavor is delightful and they have a gummy option. I can’t stop raving about the option to take an electrolyte in gummy form. This makes my life so much easier since I do drink electrolytes almost daily. 

These gummies are easy to leave in my gym back, during the cooler weather seasons, and plop into my mouth after a sweaty workout! I don’t have to mix up the powder with water, and wonder if it will dissolve well, or remember to bring the bottle of electrolyte drink to the gym; I just have the gummies right there in my bag on hand. 

If you’re not into gummies, then I’d still say this is the best electrolyte drink option because you can mix their powdered supplement into filtered tap water or bottled water easily and watch it dissolve fast. The lemon flavor gives Elm & Rye’s electrolytes powder a fresh scent and flavor. I always feel refreshed when I drink this best electrolyte drink by Elm & Rye. 

I enjoy using this electrolyte drink when I’m starting to feel less than well. The lemon scent and flavor seem to help me when the cold and flu season arrives. I’m able to stay hydrated and keep my body functioning well so that the immune system can ward off sickies easily.  

Either form, the gummies or powder, the best electrolyte drink works well to ward off exercise fatigue for me in my everyday life regardless of how my mental health or physical health is doing. 

Elm & Rye Electrolyte

I have to say that Elm & Rye electrolyte drink is my top choice for electrolyte drinks. Their supplement is a delicious lemon flavor that my taste buds adore. The flavor is refreshing and I’ve felt more energized when using this brand’s electrolyte regularly. 

My Adventures to Life Watermelon Candy Electrolytes Powder  

This electrolyte drink is sugar free and said to taste like candy. The creator shared a video where she explains that it tastes like you left a watermelon Jolly Rancher in the bottom of a cup of water, it’s that tasty! 

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes

These zero-sugar electrolytes single serve packages from LMNT are a popular option for many people; however, they are not the best electrolyte drink for me. I enjoyed them, and you may too, but they didn’t dissolve as well as other options on my list did. 

Santa Cruz Paleo Real Salt Electrolytes Powder

This lemon lime flavored electrolyte powder drink from Santa Cruz seems to be popular online with 4.6 star ranking on Amazon with hundreds of happy customers. I haven’t tried this brand, so I am not sure if it’s the best electrolyte drink but one of my friends swears is the best. 

Zeal Naturals Electrolyte Powder Recovery Drink

This electrolyte recovery drink has BCAAs, real salt, and B vitamins to help balance your electrolytes after sweating a lot. I do enjoy the lemon berry flavor of this electrolyte drink, but Elm & Rye is still my number one best electrolyte drink. 

As you can see, I have a few different options to choose from so that you can find out what is the best electrolyte drink for you. I know I shared my favorite option which comes in both powder and gummy form for a quick mineral refuel. I hope that you’re able to find your best electrolyte drink preference within the list of options I’ve featured here today. 

Remember, the best practice for drinking electrolytes is to make sure you’re someone who needs these replenished. A doctor is best suited to help you understand where your levels are, and if you’re over doing it with potassium it can cause you to feel very ill. Keep an eye on your systems, and be sure to drink only two electrolyte drinks per day or less. 

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