What Causes Low Libido in Women?

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

Is a lack of sex drive taking a toll on your relationship, leading to turmoil between you and your partner? Or, are you getting sick of the embarrassing and frustrating occurrence of your body rejecting any sort of sexual encounter - even though mentally, you’re craving the interaction?

Typically, low libido is something that men suffer from more frequently than women - but as you can personally attest, libido problems afflict women as well. But what causes low libido in women? And what can you do to take charge of your sex life and overcome this challenge once and for all?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the low libido causes in women and provide detailed tips to help you make this awful problem a thing of the past. 

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Before we explain what exactly this supplement can do for you, let’s determine if it’s actually a libido-related problem you’re suffering from in the first place. We’ll go over some common symptoms below.

First, Here is a Brief Overview of the Symptoms of Low Libido in Women

Libido is a medical term to describe your sex drive. Thus, low libido is a lack of sex drive. But what exactly does that look like? How does this condition manifest itself in terms of symptoms? Maybe some of these sound familiar to you:

  • Lack of sexual desire or interest in sexual activity
  • Difficulty becoming aroused or achieving orgasm
  • Reduced sexual fantasies or thoughts
  • Pain or discomfort during sexual activity as a result of vaginal dryness
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction
  • Avoiding sexual activity or avoiding intimacy with a partner
  • Difficulty feeling emotionally invested in sexual activity

All of these are examples of what low libido feels like. Other terms to describe it include embarrassing, discouraging, frustrating, and oftentimes, heartbreaking. Intimacy is paramount to a healthy, thriving relationship. And with low libido, sex becomes increasingly difficult - and thus, rare. This can really wreak havoc on a relationship - especially in young people, where your partner’s sex drive is healthy.

Don’t worry - we’re here to help make all this go away. Before we give you our advice on solving libido-related issues, let’s get into what causes low libido in women.

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

The causes of low libido in women range dramatically - which is why it’s so difficult to diagnose the root cause. It may be best to consult a doctor near you on this, as they can order blood work or help you rule out more serious underlying conditions/medication side effects. With that said, here are some of the most common low libido causes in women:

Hormonal Changes

This is something every woman before you has faced, and every woman after you will too. Aging is unavoidable - and with it comes hormonal changes that can greatly affect a woman's sexual desire. 

Hormonal imbalances can occur during pregnancy, menopause, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Whenever they occur is beside the point. What they bring with them is what matters - and oftentimes, that is a decrease in libido. 

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can cause physical discomfort and emotional changes that can affect a woman's sexual desire. Menopause can also cause a decrease in estrogen levels which can lead to vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. PCOS, a condition that affects the ovaries, can also cause hormonal imbalances leading to a decrease in libido.

To a certain point, decreased libido with age is perfectly normal, and not cause for concern. That doesn’t mean you have to deal with it though - you can still restore the sex drive you once had. Before we teach you how let’s talk about the role certain medications play in libido function.

Certain Medications

Certain medications can have a negative impact on a woman's sexual desire, too. Antidepressants, birth control pills, and other medications can reduce sexual desire by altering hormone levels or disrupting the normal functioning of the nervous system. 

Sometimes, you may be able to express this concern to your doctor and come up with an alternative. Other times, your medication precedes low sex drive - and you’ll have to come up with other solutions to address low libido. However, one cause of low libido in women that is always fixable is relationship issues.

Relationship Issues

Oftentimes, relationship issues are actually the biggest cause of low libido. Some issues that can contribute to a lack of interest in sex include conflict, lack of emotional intimacy, or dissatisfaction with the relationship as a whole. Additionally, feeling emotionally disconnected or unsupported by a partner can also lead to low libido.

The good news? The solution is as simple as sitting down and having a discussion with your partner about how you feel, the toll it’s taking on you physically & mentally, and what you think would be best to solve the problem. It’s likely you two can come up with a solution together. Maybe that solution involves going your separate ways. 

Either way, there is no need to let relationship issues fester. Face the issue head-on! And, as it turns out, that same advice applies to this next cause of low libido in women…

Past Trauma

A history of sexual trauma or abuse can greatly affect a woman's sexual desire. This is likely not news to you if you’ve been abused. Trauma and abuse can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, and mistrust which can make it difficult for a woman to feel comfortable and safe during sexual activity. Additionally, trauma and abuse can lead to psychological issues such as depression and anxiety which can also affect sexual desire.

The solution? Revisiting the trauma in therapy and working through it. This won’t just help you take control of your sex life, it will heal wounds that have been open long enough. A licensed therapist near you can help guide you through this journey. 

But, if this doesn’t apply to your cause of low libido, maybe it’s a different type of abuse to blame…

Substance Abuse

It’s not just men who can be limited sexually by substance abuse (like getting to drunk to perform) - women can develop libido problems from this as well. It’s because alcohol and drugs can disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system which can lead to a decrease in sexual desire. Additionally, substance abuse can cause psychological issues such as depression and anxiety which can also affect sexual desire.

If you’re battling through addiction, maybe restoring your sex life can be the catalyst that encourages you to finally seek help. Seek help through a family member or friend you trust. And if you’re not necessarily suffering from addiction but rather use drugs and alcohol recreationally and find it affects your sexual desire, it may be worth abstaining in the future anyway.

Poor Body Image or Self-Confidence

If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, it can be next to impossible to be intimate with another individual. 

Oftentimes, poor body image or lack of self-confidence prevents individuals from fully opening up to a sexual partner. Whether you’re actively thinking about it or not, your subconscious will prevent you from feeling sexually interested. 

The good news is improving self-confidence is easy - you’re in complete control of the way you feel about yourself. Once you learn to love yourself and regain your self-confidence, you’ll see what a difference it makes in your sex drive.

Fatigue or Lack of Sleep

Chronic fatigue or lack of sleep can greatly affect a woman's sexual desire, too. When you’re is tired, your body's energy is focused on restoring itself, leaving little energy for sexual activity. Additionally, lack of sleep can cause mood swings, irritability, and a lack of interest in sex. And frankly, poor sex drive is the least of your worries if you have chronically poor sleep habits. Other areas of your life will be affected as well - perhaps more seriously. Shoot for 7-8 hours a night minimum.

Other Underlying Conditions

In unlikely situations, low libido indicates a more serious underlying condition. Some of these include diabetes, heart disease, and thyroid disorders can also affect sexual desire. 

These conditions can cause fatigue, pain, and discomfort which can make it difficult for a woman to feel interested in sex. Additionally, some medical conditions can cause hormonal imbalances which can also affect sexual desire. This is why getting to the root cause of low libido in women is so important. You can catch these conditions early before they progress - and come up with a treatment plan accordingly.

Now That You Know What Causes Low Libido in Women, Here’s Our Advice on Addressing the Issue…

That’s the most comprehensive breakdown of what causes low libido in women online. At this point, it’s just a matter of applying these causes to your own life and seeing what’s plaguing you. Maybe it’s more than one - but whatever the case, you can take steps to right the ship and take control of your sex life. 

Is it relationship issues? Talk with your partner. Is it fatigue? Get more sleep and address your diet. Is it hormonal issues? Consider natural supplements. Frankly, the last piece of advice can help you no matter what’s contributing to your sex drive woes.

Our complete guide on how to increase female libido through supplements is a great starting point along your journey to improving your libido. Because regardless of the specific low libido cause you’re dealing with, you can rely on the best libido gummies online - available right here at Elm and Rye.

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The best part? It’s a supplement that you take daily - no need to worry about bringing pills everywhere you go so you’re ready for “the act” when called upon. Stressing over when to take libido pills is not a concern with Elm and Rye.

We regularly test our products to ensure they’re as potent and pure as possible. You can rest assured you’re getting a solution that will work for you - without worrying about libido pills side effects. Get yours today and see what a difference they can make in your life.

Final Thoughts on the Causes of Low Libido in Women

There you have it - what causes low libido in women. As you can see, the causes of low libido for females can range from hormonal changes to medication side effects, trauma, poor body image, fatigue, or other underlying medical conditions. The only way to find out for sure what’s affecting your sex life is to consult a professional.

And with that said, it’s time to bring this conversation on the low libido causes in women to a close. We hope after reading this article you feel more clear on what your next steps should be - and hopefully, you feel a bit less hopeless. The solution is easy - head over to Elm and Rye and take your sex life to the next level with the safest, most effective sex gummies online!

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