Which Supplements Work the best for Libido

Which Supplements Work the best for Libido

Having low libido can be a harmful thing to deal with whether you’re in a relationship or in the dating world. Being unable to satisfy your partner and yourself is an embarrassing situation. The reality is that many men and women experience lowered libido regularly.

Whether it’s from age induced hormone issues, stress from life happenings, or just exhaustion from having so much on your plate, there are many things that cause a lowered sex drive. While this situation is usually curable, it can cause a lot of negative feelings in your love life, not to mention a reduction in confidence with yourself. 

Perhaps you’ve been struggling behind the scenes for a while wondering which supplements work the best for libido, or maybe you’re just new to this situation and ready to tackle it immediately, whichever situation applies to you we’re here with some tips on the supplements can help improve your situation and overall sexual health today! 

 Here are some of the highly recommended supplements and vitamins to help you get back into the groove with your lover: 


This supplement is found in our Sex Performance Enhancer supplement and is often associated with assisting in improved blood flow. More often than not the penis is having issues with an erection due to lack of blood flow.

L-arginine is a supplement that can help your body make protein. Once this supplement is absorbed into the body it will convert into nitric oxide. For those who don’t know, nitric oxide is what helps your blood vessels open up so that your blood can flow easier through your body. This mean that you will find soon enough that your penis starts having an easier time with erections so you can experience better sexual relations. 

Vitamin B3 

Another good supplement that works best for libido is vitamin B3. This vitamin is often referred to as niacin and it helps with many functions in your body. This is a vital component for assisting in helping you with energy to enjoy sex with your partner. If you find that your libido is lowered due to a lack of energy, ambition, or perhaps stress overload then vitamin B3 may be a good supplement to start with that works the best for libido. 

Vitamin D

This sunshine vitamin is known for having so many positive properties for human beings, and with those of you who live in areas like Northeast United States, you may have a decline in Vitamin D. This can cause issues with maintaining proper sexual function in men. 

According to some studies, Vitamin D has been linked to impaired sexual functions with men and causes an issue with erectile dysfunction. So, it’s best to get your vitamin D levels checked by the doctor to see if this supplement will work the best for libido in your given situation. 

Vitamin E

Another supplement that works best for libido is vitamin E. This helps improve sperm count, as it’s known as the “sex vitamin”. The role in which this vitamin plays in the production of testosterone and how it improves sperm function is why most men try it when they find they’re experiencing lowered libido due to testosterone decline. 

This vitamin has anti-aging properties too which can help bring back your youthful vitality as it naturally decreases the process of aging. 


This hormone is a supplement that often is associated with the production of hormones, including testosterone. Dehydroepiandrosterone is the longer name for DHEA, and it’s something that often declines with age. We’ve found studies that show DHEA declines by about 10% per decade, so depending on how old you are, this could be one of the issues as to why you’re suffering from lowered libido. 


Nearing the end of our list of which supplements work the best for libido is zinc. This mineral is something that helps with metabolic function, growth of cells, production of testosterone, and helping with proper digestion. As you can tell, this mineral is a rather important one and is going to be an essential addition to your diet for multiple reasons. 

If you’re suffering from lowered sexual desire due to testosterone decline, then zinc may be a mineral to check out. Ask your doctor about this one so that they can properly advise on the health concerns, if any, that may apply when taking this essential mineral as a supplement. 


One important mineral that we haven’t mentioned yet is magnesium. This is a supplement that plays a significant role inside your body. Taking this daily supplement will help you improve more than just your libido, it’s most notable for helping with insomnia. This means you can improve your sleep quality which often is the first symptom with decreased libido or testosterone levels. This mineral will help increase sexual desire and improve sleep, so ask your doctor to check your magnesium levels to see if this perhaps is one of the causes for your lowered libido. 

Sex Performance Enhancer 

Last, but surely not least, on our list of which supplements work best for libido is Elm & Rye’s Sex Performance Enhancer, also known as libido gummies. This supplement includes zinc, L-Arginine, and other natural blends to improve your libido. Rather than consuming multiple vitamins or supplements to help increase sexual desire, why not give this one supplement a try? 

We’ve created a well-researched blend of ingredients that play nicely together to promote healthy sex lives for men and women. Be sure to read our list of ingredients as they slightly differ for men versus women. 

The bottom line is that you’ll need to take supplements that work the best for libido as you age. Each person starts having their hormones decline once they reach the lovely age of 30. From there on forward, you’ll find that your body is a little tired of keeping up with things and may need a little assistance to gain your sexual desire back again. 

Using the supplements above can help you improve libido and promote a healthy sex life, but first ask your doctor about running some tests to see if you’re deficient in any of the minerals we mentioned above. If your body is low on zinc or magnesium, then you may simply need to simply get those levels back on track without worrying about the libido gummies. 

With that being said, most men of a certain age do benefit from taking Elm & Rye libido gummies as they will help improve your overall mood and sexual function so that you can please your partner every time.

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